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Online Instruction: Single Session

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Learn from Anthony Vela from anywhere in the world with Online Private Coaching. Sessions are 75 minutes long and you can choose from a variety of topics. There are 4 levels of progression. Each level builds from the previous, but you may choose any topic that you would like.

A basic session can include 1 or 2 people. Groups of 3 or more are $250.

Level 1

  • Start With the Basics
  • Where Are Your Feet
  • How Deep is Your Blade

Level 2

  • Happy Feet
  • How Straight Do You Paddle
  • How Do I Turn This Thing

Level 3

  • How Do I Go Fast
  • How Do You Get ON Your Board
  • How To Catch Waves

Level 4

  • Joy of Paddling Through Waves
  • Turning Strategy and Etiquette
  • The Art & Skill of Drafting
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