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3k channel scoot

  1. The 3K Channel Scoot begins with a water start in front of the swim area buoy line.

  2. Paddle to buoy #1 and turn left

  3. Continue toward buoy #3 keeping buoy #2 on your left, staying towards the middle of the harbor out of boat traffic 

  4. At buoy #3 turn right, then stay close to the jetty wall staying to the left of oncoming paddlers. Buy #3 is approximately halfway.

  5. Continue toward buoy #4 making a right turn towards the finish

  6. Finish between buoy #5 and Westwind dock

  7. Finish is on the water when your body crosses the finish line


Be sure your participant number is clearly visible 

PFD’s are mandatory for all competitors

Leashes are recommended

Channel Scoot 04.jpg
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